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Virginia ABC's Online Services & Forms

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Contact Forms & E-mail Addresses

ABC Stores & Products

Stores Customer Comment Form

ABC Store Locator

Sign On Access for Vendors and Carriers to ABC's Management of Inventory and Product Sales (MIPS) system.

Consumer Information

Direct Shipment of Wine & Beer to Your Home

Permit to Ship Personal Alcohol when Moving to Virginia

Wine & Beer Resources

Wine & Beer Listings - Find product labels approved for sale and discover brands carried by wholesale/distributors and suppliers.

Tax Management Reports - Public information on wine and beer products available for distribution in Virginia.

Submit Malt Beverage Taxes (WebTax)

Label Approval and Franchise Registration - Upload labels, TTB COLAs (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Certificates of Label Approval) and letters of authorization from brand owners appointing Virginia importers; appoint wholesale distributors and assigned territories needed to approve beer, wine, cider and low-alcohol beverage products in Virginia. This does not apply to Direct Shippers.

Alcohol Education Information & Training

Alcohol Prevention Training Schedule - Courses and conferences for ABC licensees, communities and colleges/universities to help prevent underage drinking, enhance public safety and promote law compliance.

Educational Brochures & Other Resources Order Form

Alcohol and Aging Awareness Group (AAAG) Membership Form

Seller/Server Training Approval Form

ABC Licenses

How to Obtain an ABC License

Special Event (One-Day/Banquet) Licenses

Licensee Search Form - Search for retail and banquet (special event) license information.

Retail Licenses Download - Listing of licensed retail establishments (restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, etc.).

Online Licensee Ordering

Licensing Forms & Reports

Retail Licenses

Compliance/Industry Licenses

Manufacturers & Wholesalers Forms

Shipper's License/Carrier Process

Mixed Beverage Annual Review

Law Enforcement

Report an ABC Law Violation

Object to the Granting of an ABC License

Virginia ABC Laws

Virginia ABC Laws Book Order Form

Career Opportunities at ABC

Current Job Openings

Submit Job Application


Solicitations & Awards - ABC purchasing solicitations and awards for products and services.

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