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Project Sticker Shock

What is Project Sticker Shock?

Sticker Shock STOP sticker
Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

This sticker shock is not about buying a car....

Youth Stickering CasesIt's about buying alcohol and warning adults that it is illegal to purchase and provide it to underage persons. Youth participating in Project Sticker Shock visit participating stores and place stop sign stickers that display a warning message about the penalties for providing alcohol to anyone under 21 on beer cases, wine coolers and other alcohol products that might appeal to young drinkers. By participating in this project, youth throughout the state are taking a proactive stand against underage drinking and its related problems.

Project Sticker Shock Brochure and Poster

Sticker Shock Action Plan

  • Obtain Support: youth, parents, local officials, beer distributors
  • Identify local alcohol licensees
  • Develop local media plan
  • Implement the Sticker Shock Project
  • Celebrate and recognize participants
  • Evaluate

Sticker Shock History

The Education Section of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) adapted the project in the summer of 2002. The program is modeled after the "Guide for Statewide Sticker Shock Project" developed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and "A Handbook for youth and community groups for implementation of Project Sticker Shock" developed by the Maine Office of Substance Abuse.

December 2002 was the first pilot test in the selected Virginia communities. Spring 2003 was the official statewide release for all of Virginia's communities to promote and support the Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking message. The program has grown in participation and popularity ever since.

For more information or to participate in Project Sticker Shock,
contact Virginia ABC's Education Section.

Phone: (804) 977-7440

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