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Report ABC Law Violations:
Call (866) 437-3155.

Object to an ABC License:
Call (800) 552-3200.

Or, for either of the above, use: Violation Complaint Form


View ABC Tasting Events
ABC Tasting Events

ABC Special Agent Badge

Virginia ABC is one of 14 state law-enforcement agencies under the Office of Public Safety. View our Organization Chart.

View Virginia ABC's Expenditures
View Virginia ABC's Expenditures

 September is Older Virginians' Mental Health Month.

September is Older Virginians’ Mental Health Month – Studies show the Commonwealth’s aging population is growing rapidly, and the need for mental health and substance abuse services for this population will more than double over the next 25 years…More >>

View Chairman Insley’s Message highlighting ABC accomplishments during fiscal year 2012, including another banner year for retail sales.


ABC Special Agents Seize 24 Gallons of Moonshine in Undercover Buy A North Carolina man is charged with sale, possession and transporting untaxed liquor across the state line……

Virginia ABC Remembers Sept. 11 On the eleventh anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, ABC reflects on a day of tragedy, rescue and recovery…

2012 Virginia ABC Laws Books On Sale The new 2012 Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws books are now on sale. Order now and get copies while supplies last!…

ABC Centralizes Retail License Applications Effective Aug. 1, all retail license applications should be mailed or delivered in person to the ABC Central Office in Richmond…

Virginia ABC On Track with Regulations Review A Notice of Intended Regulatory Action is now posted online and a public comment forum opens July 30…

ABC’s Chief Financial Officer Wins Top Award Virginia ABC Chief Financial Officer J. Craig Vanderland wins Virginia Business 2012 CFO of the Year Award…

ABC Launches Prevention Poster Campaign Beginning May 1, ABC will issue two new posters to more than 17,000 licensees across Virginia to prevent illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco…

Gov. McDonnell Welcomes
YADAPP Attendees, 7/16/2012

YADAPP Conference
WTVR TV-6, 6/14/2012

Alcohol Regulations Review
NBC 12, 3/22/2012

To contact us, either use our feedback form, call the Central Office at (804) 213-4400 or Toll Free: (800) 552-3200.